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Robocorp (Part 2)

In this episode, we are happy to welcome back Antti, the CEO of Robocorp. Here is the prior chat with...


AutomationEdge is a Hyperautomation platform with RPA-as-a-Service, API Connectors, Chatbots, ETL and more.


KYP (Know Your Potential) helps you understand your processes and how these balance with people and technology dimensions. It gives...


Tag UI is a free and open-source RPA from AI Singapore. It is a command-line automation software that uses a...

Blueprint - Charles Sword


Blueprint provides digital process design solutions that can help you identify, design and manage your automations. In this chat with...

AI & RPA with Tom Taulli

Tom Taulli is the author two books on RPA and AI – The Robotic Process Automation Handbook and Artificial Intelligence...

Skan AI

Skan AI is an AI-powered Process Intelligence platform. They are building a platform that can help you understand what they are...



FortressIQ is a process intelligence company. They are building a platform that can continuously monitor your processes and provide insights...


OpenBots is an Open source RPA and AI company. OpenBots provides a free and open-source RPA Tool kit. There are...


NICE is a 1.6-Billion-dollar company with a portfolio of software solutions that includes RPA. Within the RPA space, NICE is...


Conversation with Catalytic co-founder Sean Chou on the DPA tool.

Jiffy AI

A conversation with Jiffy AI CEO on socially responsible innovation.


Interview with Robocorp Co-founder Antti Karjalainen.

Open RPA

Interview with Open RPA founder Allan Zimmermann.