Kavita Ganesan

Bot Nirvana | AI & Automation Podcast
Bot Nirvana | AI & Automation Podcast
Kavita Ganesan

Kavita has extensive experience working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) including multiple patents.

The Founder of Opinosis Analytics, she has authored the book “The Business Case for AI” where she shows you how to prepare for AI, jumpstart a successful initiative, and track the results.

So, in this chat, we discuss the frameworks you can use to prepare, jumpstart and track an AI initiative.

More information and Links:
Connect with Kavita: linkedin.com/in/kavita-ganesan/
Download the first 3 sample chapters and buy her book: kavita-ganesan.com/the-business-case-for-ai/
Visit Nandan on the web at nandan.info

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