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We are an online professional support group for Intelligent Automation leaders. We explore practical ways you can leverage Intelligent Automation to grow your career and your group/organization.

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Intelligent Automation Podcast

Unique insights from leaders and practitioners in the industry.

Shaun Dawson

Shaun has been involved with RPA since the early days. He co-founded Virtual Operations one of the earliest companies in this space and has since been involved in various roles. He currently heads the consulting delivery for UiPath. In this chat, we talk about the challenges he sees in the sp…

Ricardo Henriques

Ricardo is a Business Transformation Leader at EDP Portugal. He leads their Intelligent Automation p…

Smart Layers

Smart Layers is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that enables you to intelligently …

Kavita Ganesan

Kavita has extensive experience working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) including multiple patents…


Robo Rana provides Intelligent Automation Services in Europe and is based out of Belgium. In …

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