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We are an online professional support group for Intelligent Automation leaders. We explore practical ways you can leverage Intelligent Automation to grow your career and your group/organization.

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Unique insights from leaders and practitioners in the industry.

Sidney Madison Prescott, MBA

Sidney is a digital transformation leader with vast experience in intelligent automation. She was most recently the Global Head of Intelligent Automation for Spotify. She has built and scaled Automation Centers of excellence at Spotify and BNY Mellon, E-Trade, and Fiserv. She is the co-author of the…

Kalyana Bedhu

Kalyana is currently the AI/ML Principal at Fannie Mae. He has extensive experience in AI and has be…


Turbotic’s platform supports enterprises in monitoring, managing, and optimizing Intelligent Automat…

Deepak Karwal

Deepak is the author of the book “The Automated Enterprise” – Digital reinvention through Intelligen…


Accelirate provides end-to-end Intelligent Automation managed services from their US, Colombia, and …

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