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Unique insights from leaders and practitioners in the industry.

Kavita Ganesan

Kavita has extensive experience working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) including multiple patents. The Founder of Opinosis Analytics, she has authored the book “The Business Case for AI” where she shows you how to prepare for AI, jumpstart a successful initiative, and track the results. …


Robo Rana provides Intelligent Automation Services in Europe and is based out of Belgium. In …


EvoluteIQ has an end-to-end Enablement Platform for Hyperautomation. It brings together iBPMS, AI, M…

Doug Shannon

Doug Shannon is a leader in the Intelligent Automation space. He has over two decades of IT experien…

Ian Barkin

Ian Barkin was the co-founder of Symphony Ventures which was an early RPA consulting firm. It was so…

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