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We are an online professional support group for Intelligent Automation leaders. We explore practical ways you can leverage Intelligent Automation to grow your career and your group/organization.

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Unique insights from leaders and practitioners in the industry.


SilkFlo helps you to capture, manage, engage, and continuously measure your Intelligent Automation opportunities. In this chat with CEO Alexander Leonida, we talk about the key challenges in Intelligent Automation – Poor visibility, Governance, and Culture. Alex shares his solutions and framework…

Max Ioffe (WESCO)

Wesco is a FORTUNE 500® company with more than $21 billion in annual sales and a leading provider of…

Kalyana Bedhu

Kalyana is currently the AI/ML Principal at Fannie Mae. He has extensive experience in AI and has be…


Turbotic’s platform supports enterprises in monitoring, managing, and optimizing Intelligent Automat…

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