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Being a member of Bot Nirvana has helped me immensely with client pitches and deal closures.

― Sandeep Alexander Goni

Why Bot Nirvana?

Strategic Vision

Carve a path for integrating AI and Automation with seasoned experts.

Real-World Expertise

Learn directly from AI pioneers with practical, “been there, done that” experience.

Support Network

You’re not alone. Dive into a community of peers, mentors, and industry experts.

AI Resources

Equip yourself with the latest advancements with our AI playbook and reports.

Exclusive databases

Stay ahead of the market with the latest use cases, tools, and trends in our member area.

Career Advancement

Become an AI thought leader, share your successes, and unlock career growth.

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The AI mastermind is for AI & Automation leaders (C-level, Directors, Managers, Consultants), Business owners, Sales professionals, and Business area leaders (e.g. Finance, HR, SCM, etc.).

Right now, this is not intended for Technical folks. The mastermind sessions do NOT cover technical aspects of AI like the creation of ML models, Coding, etc.

Yes, we have Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime plans for you to join us.

Many of our members have successfully gotten their expenses reimbursed through their company’s learning and development budget, given the high demand for AI skills. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a receipt via email, which can serve as proof of payment for reimbursement purposes. If your company requires a specific format, just let us know and we’ll provide an updated version to meet your needs.

If for any reason, you feel that the AI Mastermind has not met your expectations within the first 30 days of your membership, simply reach out to us and we will refund the full amount of your membership fee. No hassles, no questions asked.

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