Bot Nirvana | AI & Automation Podcast
Bot Nirvana | AI & Automation Podcast

Tag UI is a free and open-source RPA from AI Singapore. It is a command-line automation software that uses a simple human language like syntax to build your workflows.

Over a period of time, thanks to an ever increasing community, it has multiple plugins and extensions to run TagUI from Python, C#, Microsot word, excel and more!

In this podcast, we discuss the history of Tagui, where it is now and where they like to be in the future.

More information and Links:
TagUI homepage – https://makerspace.aisingapore.org/do-ai/tagui
TagUI GitHub page – https://github.com/kelaberetiv/TagUI
More details about TagUI: https://nandan.info/tag-ui-open-source-rpa/

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