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Bot Nirvana | RPA & AI Podcast | Process Automation
Bot Nirvana | RPA & AI Podcast | Process Automation
Jiffy AI

This is an interesting conversation with Babu Sivadasan (CEO at Jiff.ai), where we discuss about Jiffy’s unique socially responsible innovation combined with Hyperapps.

Jiffy.ai is an app-based automation platform. These apps or hyper apps as Jiffy calls them, uses a low-code approach to unleash the power of RPA and AI for enterprise automation.

More information and Links:
Jiffy Website: Jiffy.ai
Bot Nirvana website: botnirvana.org
Visit nandan on the web at: nandan.info
Video with Robocorp demo: https://youtu.be/9GtoD7xkfEA

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