Bot Nirvana | AI & Automation Podcast
Bot Nirvana | AI & Automation Podcast

Turbotic’s platform supports enterprises in monitoring, managing, and optimizing Intelligent Automation. In this episode, we talk to Alex Hubel, the Chief Strategy Officer and co-owner of Turbotic. Before Turbotic, Alex headed up Ericsson’s global Automation & AI organizations.

We explore how he set up the Automation COE at Ericsson and how they scaled it resulting in millions of hours saved across all parts of the company. We discuss how these learnings led to the formation of Turbotic and why Automation optimization is important for a successful Intelligent Automation program.

More information and Links:
Connect with Alexander Hübel: linkedin.com/in/alexander-hübel-17176b2
Turbotic: www.turbotic.com
Visit Nandan on the web at nandan.info

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