Intelligent Automation

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Bot Nirvana | RPA & AI Podcast | Process Automation
Intelligent Automation

A conversation on the book “Intelligent Automation” with Pascal Bornet.

Pascal is a key influencers in the Intelligent Automation space. He is passionate about Intelligent automation and has over 250 thousand followers on Linkedin. A senior executive with more than 20 years of experience, he has led the “AI and Automation” practices for Mckinsey and EY.

We spoke to him on wide variety of topics from his new book “Intelligent automation” and how he sees the space evolving. He shares how Intelligent Automation can be useful to:

  • Save 10M plus lives per year
  • Double global budgets in health and education by saving more than 10+Trillion USD
  • Work less, refocus on more meaningful activities that energizes us and make us more human

Intelligent automation book:

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