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  • intro and demo - Demo and Q&A with founder JD Wilson Jr.
  • WonderBotz Session - RPA Session with founder Bhavyesh Virani
  • Session - Demo and Q&A with co-founders at
  • Automation Hero Session - Automation Hero in action followed by Q&A
  • Catalytic Session - Catalytic No-Code Automation Platform demo.
  • Intellibot Session - Intellibot Platform in action followed by Q&A
  • RPA Projects Book Session - RPA Projects Book Overview, Code demo followed by Q&A
  • FortressIQ RPA Session - Demo followed by Q&A with FortressIQ's Jessie De Carlos.
  • Open RPA Demo & QA Session - Robocorp demo and QA with Sibi Luke (Director at Quadance) and Allan Zimmermann (Founder at OpenRPA) Demo: Document Processing with Open RPASubmitted questionsLive Questions
  • Robocorp Session - Robocorp demo and QA with Antti Karjalainen, Founder and CEO of Robocorp. Demo: Robocorp Highlights and Architecture Submitted questions Live Questions Learn more about Robocorp at Start here.
  • Microsoft Power Automate - Microsoft RPA (Uiflows) and Power Automate session with Mariano Gomez Bent. He covered: Intro to Power Automate and Uiflows. Demo of Uiflows with Dynamics. Q & A. Mariano Youtube Channel with more MS Automate videos. About Microsoft RPA.
  • TagUi Intro - Session recording of the TagUi introduction by Ken Soh from AI Singapore, the architect of TagUI. It includes demos: Modify MS template & email, Email forex rates, Order Groceries, Hindi RPA and Python RPA
  • Open RPA Intro - Session recording of the Open RPA introduction by Allan Zimmerman. Open RPA is more than RPA. It enables integrated automation with Open Flow and Node-Red.