End-to-End Intelligent Automation Orchestration

Introduction And Demo of the Turbotic Platform

15 June 2022

About the Event

Are you able to track and measure the business impact of your automation? Are your Intelligent Automation Operational costs increasing?

In this session from Turbotic, we will see how you can digitize the end-to-end Intelligent Automation workflow enabling major benefits and savings

You can reduce your operational costs by 70% and improve productivity by 30%.

Event Schedule

11:00 AM EST


Speaker: Nandan Mullakara
11:10 AM EST


Speaker: Alexander Hübel
11:20 AM EST


Speaker: Goran Mladenovski
11:40 AM EST


Meet the Speakers

Alexander Hübel

Chief Strategy Officer, Turbotic

Goran Mladenovski

CTO, Turbotic

Nandan Mullakara

Founder, Bot Nirvana

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