Sales Intelligence

Arm Your Sales Teams to Close More Sales by Automatically Aggregating Sales Intelligence

According to, sales reps spend less than a one-third of their time selling. That’s because they spend so much of their time searching and collecting the information, they need for lead generation on potential prospects and businesses.

RPA enables you to automatically acquire data from any website and integrate it with internal sources such as customer resource management (CRM) systems, giving your sales team the lead generation tools and prospecting information they need, when they need it. Provide your sales teams with timely, accurate and unique information—so they are better equipped to engage with prospects, counter competitive issues and close sales faster.

Eliminate Manual Lead Generation by Automating Data Aggregation

Deploy intelligent software robots to automatically acquire sales intelligence for lead generation, supplementing your CRM system with the business intelligence tools you need to close sales.

Shorten Sales Cycles And Close Deals Faster with Better Intelligence

Monitor the web in real time for market triggers, connect information to your sales team and drive greater sales velocity through more relevant conversations with prospects.

Grow Sales Pipeline via Integrated Web Data

Quickly build prospecting lists and business profiles by automatically extracting, processing and integrating web data that helps you target the right opportunities and grow your sales pipeline.

Turn Warm Leads into Hot Leads from CRM Systems

Leverage data from your CRM system to perform online searches that help you find more information on individuals and contacts, enabling you to better identify hot leads for follow up.

Increase Value of Contact Lists via Automated Access to Information

Enrich your prospect profiles with information automatically accessed from public or professional affiliation websites and social networks.

Source: Kofax

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