Analyze customer feedback

Analyze text-based, unstructured customer feedback from multiple sources, according to dimensions relevant to the Telecommunications (Telco) industry.


  • Analyze open-ended responses and free-form comments from customer surveys, contact center interactions, and social media.
  • Enrich internal systems with industry-oriented customer feedback analysis.
  • Obtain the full analysis of the Voice of the Customer categorization.

The bot receives the text of an unstructured comment and returns a multilevel categorization based on typical categories of the Telecommunications industry: companies, products, operations, customer service activities, interaction channels, quality parameters. In addition, the bot can return a positive/negative/neutral polarity analysis related to these categories and a specific customer satisfaction dimension. The bot will also output the JSON with the complete analysis returned by the API.

The bot enables the immediate analysis of customer feedback in the Telecommunications industry with high relevance and accuracy and without the need to develop specific domain configurations. In this way, that feedback can be embedded into the company’s processes and enrich its internal systems (CRM, marketing automation) with very valuable information about the needs, perceptions, and preferences of customers.


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