Background Checks

Screen individuals and make informed decisions that reduce risk, such as whether to onboard a potential customer or hire a new employee. Screening and risk management providers can help by leveraging all available public data—including criminal records, credit ratings and financial filings—to increase the accuracy of their background checks.

RPA enables you to automatically access comprehensive information about employees and individuals. Feel confident about the accuracy of the information being delivered for candidate and applicant screening. Automatically monitor online resources in real-time to extract, transform, and deliver high quality, structured information on individuals directly into your risk management solutions.

Software robots can perform automated record checks that access thousands of data sources to verify an individual’s background data—eliminating manual processes and inaccurate checks that can result in fraud, regulatory penalties and loss of business.

Leverage automated, web-based record retrieval of online data to dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of your screening services while accelerating turnaround times.

Enable full extraction of local, state and federal criminal files, including sex offender registry and national sex offender registry libraries.

Develop robotic automation processes to automatically run complex integrations and access disparate online resources without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.

Source: Kofax

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