In this newsletter, we will explore a few real-world enterprise use cases with LLM/GPT/ChatGPT.

Why should you want to learn about this? By understanding the real-world use cases, you can start to leverage these technologies in your organizations as well. You can use these technologies to mine unstructured data for insights, improve personalization, generate new content, and enhance compliance to name a few possibilities.

Unfortunately, there is a dearth of good information, ideas, and expertise in this nascent field amid a lot of hype. Many people focus on AI-generated content, while the real impact will come from the automation-led productivity revolution across businesses.

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Generative AI-led automation will lead to a 1.5% growth in productivity over a 10-year period as per Goldman Sachs. A few key areas of opportunity for automation include office and admin, legal, business, and financial operations as per the report.

In that light, here are some real-world LLM/GPT use cases from the early adopters :

  1. Technical support: Morgan Stanley is improving internal technical support processes with information extracted from unstructured documents.
  2. Customer service: Stripe is using GPT-4 to parse complex sites and answer documentation questions.
  3. Improved CRM: Salesforce is using GPT to power its new Einstein Assistant which delivers AI-created content across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction.
  4. Better training & learning: "Duolingo Max” powered by OpenAI provides language learners with conversation practice and in-depth explanations of answers.
  5. Improved accessibility: Be My Eyes, a visually impaired service now uses GPT-4 and the vision API to answer questions.

At Bot Nirvana, we have added 25 new GPT/LLM-based Automation ideas to our ideas database.

You can explore all the use cases here.

Adding LLM/GPT/ChatGPT to your Automation use cases can supercharge productivity, and provide new insights which were not available before.

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