We are closing out the next cohort of the Digital Automation Club soon!

Today, I like to give you a sneak peek into the activities in our Digital Automation Club and how it benefits our members.

Our next cohort is closing in a day!
This means I will dedicate my time and energy to working with those who have signed up. We would love to have you joins us before we close.
Join us!

Here are the top 3 activities that we do with some screenshots:

Deep-Dive Study Sessions 

We start each cohort with 6-week study sessions where we discuss the most interesting ideas in Intelligent Automation. These are interactive and virtual sessions on Zoom. We use a Digital wall to exchange ideas and insights. 

We also have industry experts join us as guests and share first-hand experiences, challenges, and more. 

The sessions are recorded and are available on the community platform along with the Digital Wall and the slides. 

We have seen many insights and viewpoints emerge from the sessions. It's been a great way to keep up with new trends, frameworks, and tools.

To gain more insights and to keep in touch, we have community platform for offline conversations. 

Community Discussion, Knowledgebase

We have a community platform that includes discussion threads, Documents, Courses, Events, Voice rooms, and more.

Members use the platform to have their questions answered, and share interesting finds and insights. We also use the platform to share resources like templates, collaborate over documents, etc. 

With all the information sharing, we are together building a Knowledgebase of Intelligent Automation.

Apart from that, we also have started creating directories of Use Cases and Tools for our reference.

Use Case and Tool directories

We have a Use Case directory with more than 100 use cases now. The Tools directory is smaller but has most of the top tools. 

The directories are expanding as we add and build these together.

This plan is to develop these directories as a place to go and check for automation ideas and tool choices.

We continue to build lasting relationships by meeting regularly after the initial 6-week sessions, keep publishing thought leadership reports, have feedback on club member products and initiatives, and so much more.

Thanks for reading. If you like to join us, just reply to this email and let me know.

That's all for now. See you again soon.

Kind Regards, Nandan

P.S. We are also offering Club scholarships (discounts) if you need them

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