RPA competitors battle for a bigger prize: automation everywhere

Workato’s new Automation Institute – AI-based no-code automation gets easier!

Workato has added an “Automation Institute” – a training and certification program where both technical and non-technical people can learn and get certified in how to automate business processes and integrate applications and do so at scale in their organizations.

Anyone completing the certification will also become a member of the Automation Pros community where they can further sharpen their skill by networking and learning from other experts.

Workato is an AI-driven, no-code operating system for today’s fast-growing businesses. The platform helps people in both IT and Business get work done faster by connecting their applications, databases, and systems and automating workflows across them.

There are relevant skills to learn not only for job-seekers but also for companies that want to upskill their employees. Automation is a top priority for enterprises in the wake of the pandemic according to Forrester. In 2021, digital transformation initiatives in more than three-quarters of enterprises will focus on automation, and upskilling your employees is a fraction of the cost of hiring & onboarding.

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