Vodafone receives RPA accolades at 2020 AI Breakthrough Awards

AI Breakthrough Awards celebrate achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), includes categories such as robotic process automation (RPA), business intelligence and analytics, robotics, virtual reality, biometrics, gaming, and several others.

Vodafone is recognized for its work program within its customer operations team, in which 58 robots worked over a one-year period to identify and fix potential customer issues. The robots have been deployed to:

  • Activate phone numbers for large businesses: Using AI tools to provision bulk lots of mobile numbers (MSISDNs) for large Enterprise and Government customers to save time and reduce mistakes. Previously one agent could process 70 numbers in one day – while a robot can transfer thousands overnight as well as check for duplicates or errors.
  • Offer online credit payments: An automated process was developed so customers could process credits owing via an online form, which is faster and reduces the margin for error.
  • Check the ‘do not reply’ inbox: Despite coming from a ‘donotreply’ email address, approx. 5,000 emails each week are sent to unmonitored email accounts. Using AI, a robot was built to do keyword searches to identify a range of common customer issues and solve them proactively.

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