UiPath Creates Legal Automation Task Force

UiPath announced the creation of a Legal Automation Task Force to drive the development and implementation of end-to-end legal automation solutions in legal and compliance departments and corporations everywhere.

Since creating its Legal Automation Program in 2017, the UiPath team and clients have had access to several categories of existing automations, which include:

  • Export control robots – which reduce business risk and improve legal productivity while automating the validation of new parties and partners.
  • Regulatory robots – which compile regulatory changes, as well as automate the monitoring and updating of changes within the European Union (EU Parliament, European Commission) and the United States legal and regulatory requirements databases.
  • Conflict of interest robots – which automate conflict of interest disclosure and verification processes within an internal, searchable database, and reduce the time needed to identify conflicts from weeks to minutes.
  • Contract robots – which automate the identification of agreements that require legal review, accept or reject changes on standard templates and common clauses and allow legal professionals to focus on reviewing and negotiating complex contracts.
  • Robottorney – legal enquiry chatbots that respond to common queries over email or internal chat tools and provide answers in real time, freeing up legal counsels to focus on more complex and strategic requests.

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