UiPath partners with Druid to add Conversational AI Capabilities

UiPath has partnered with Druid to resell the Druid Chatbots Platform. Druid is an AI-driven, no-code chatbot authoring platform that has integration with the UiPath Platform.

Druid offers more than 300 pre-built conversational AI templates covering business scenarios across multiple industries and roles. With its open platform, UiPath is also integrated with several other chatbot solutions to provide direct integrations to the UiPath Platform.

With out-of-the-box conversational capabilities for UiPath Robots, industry-tailored chatbots, and new automation capabilities that engage employees more productively, UiPath is making it easier than ever for enterprises to offer always-on, scalable, best-in-class global support experiences that give customers access to support whenever they need it on the most popular global messaging channels.

“UiPath’s conversational AI capabilities expand the reach of traditional chatbot platforms into enterprise applications for gathering real-time knowledge and fulfilling tasks,” said Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath. “As next-generation apps continue to be more conversationally focused, we are focused on helping to bridge the connection between chatbots and legacy enterprise apps.”

By combining conversational AI with the UiPath Platform, enterprises can achieve end-to-end automation for customers and employees. More specifically, they can:

  • Converse with UiPath Robots: By teaching robots to talk with chatbots using seamless bidirectional communication, robots and humans are encouraged to interact using natural language to process service requests. This also means that RPA processes can be triggered directly from a chat, which in turn increases operational efficiency.
  • Easily bring AI into customer support: Leverage the UiPath Platform and no-code authoring chatbot platforms across all industries – such as healthcare, retail, and insurance – to automate customer request fulfillment involving modern or legacy systems with cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployment options. Now enterprises can delight customers by fulfilling their requests end-to-end with integrated AI chatbots.
  • Engage employees more productively: With AI-powered chatbots and the UiPath Platform, routine queries are handled over messaging channels freeing human agents to spend more time on complex and higher-value inquiries. Not only are agents’ workloads reduced by customer-facing bots who handle repeated questions over messaging channels, but agents are further supported by bots after escalation. Bots look through connected systems and deliver relevant information to the agent’s fingertips, preventing employees from constantly switching between different applications.

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