Automation Suite overview

UiPath’s Revolutionary New Delivery Approach With Kubernetes

UiPath Automation Suite is a new way to self-host the complete cloud-based UiPath Platform. It is currently in preview and is expected to be released soon.

The Automation Suite enables you to install the full UiPath suite of products and capabilities on your existing VMs, On-premise or on major cloud providers (Azure, AWS, GCP). You can add multiple tenants with different services, manage user access across these services, create/connect to Robots, run jobs and processes, create schedules, all from one centralized location. It also helps simplify the licensing by enabling the tracking of all your licenses in one place.

Automation Suite brings a revolutionary new approach to delivery: a single, upgradeable package that includes not only all the UiPath server products, containerized – but also the Kubernetes platform and platform management tools entirely built-in, configured, and optimized for you. This in effect is a single package for an integrated installation experience that sets up the infrastructure, the software dependencies/prerequisites, and all UiPath products as one deployment.

UiPath Automation Suite benefits

Here are some of the key features. Most of these are in the public preview now:

An Enterprise-Ready Suite, with:

  • All UiPath Platform server products, containerized
  • Unified user, tenant and license management across all products and services
  • Portal-based access to services and product availability parity with Automation Cloud
  • Integration with other enterprise systems: Azure AD, AD and CyberArk CCP
  • RPA governance and security built in
  • Ability to create multiple organizations on the same infrastructure (enables hosting scenarios)
  • Full optimization already done, and fully supported by UiPath

Installation is flexible, and update is easy

  • Install all or any part of the UiPath Automation platform
  • Install on Linux VMs or bare metal servers on-premises, or in the cloud
  • Single, unified CLI-based install: infrastructure, software dependences, and UiPath products
  • Streamlined and unified update of all products and infrastructure

Integrated Infrastructure and Cluster Management reduce complexity and TCO

  • Platform-level host administration console with modern UX and support for multiple users
  • Integrated monitoring and troubleshooting of the K8s infrastructure from within the Suite
  • Backup/restore are built in
  • High Availability and Scale Management are built in

If you are not ready for Automation Suite and want to remain on individual product installers, that will also be available as an option in the next version.

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