UiPath Announces Integrations with AWS

UiPath announced it has integrated its platform with enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By integrating with Amazon Textract, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Connect, the UiPath Platform can accelerate digital transformation through dynamically-scaled AI-powered RPA solutions.

  • Rapidly implement and scale automations with auto deployment on AWS: As needs evolve, customers can easily configure virtual machines and deploy robots – without any manual intervention – and connect them to UiPath Orchestrator for easy management. The UiPath pre-built deployment solution for AWS streamlines the deployment of RPA development, test, and production environments on AWS, with managed cloud database and multi-instance caching support.

  • Connect the call center front-end with all backend systems: With an open and extensive platform, UiPath easily connects Amazon Connect to any system that the contact center relies on, including those back office systems or mainframes that were previously not accessible. By enhancing the customer experience through near real-time responses, improving First Call Resolution, and reducing Average Handling Time, contact centers are able to increase customer satisfaction scores and boost loyalty.

  • Bring AI to workflows and build more intelligent automations: Users can simply drag and drop the AWS AI capabilities into their automated workflows using pre-built integrations available on the UiPath Marketplace. With UiPath, customers can use Amazon Textract to automate tasks involving complex document types that traditional OCR software cannot manage.

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