RPA startup UiPath raises $750 million

UiPath finally adds more API skills with an interesting acquisition

UiPath, which is flush with funds from recent funding and also getting ready for ipo, has acquired Cloud Elements, a pioneering API integration platform.

With this acquisition, UiPath continues to lead innovation in the automation market, this time believed to be the first provider to offer enterprise-grade user interface (UI) and API-based automation capabilities in a single platform. This means UiPath customers have the flexibility to automate processes using an optimal mix of UI and API-based automation.

“Automating the enterprise requires connecting the enterprise,” said Mark Geene, Cloud Elements Co-Founder and CEO. “Combining our API integration and management capabilities with UiPath’s powerful offering strengthens the glue of enterprise connectivity and expands the reach and efficiency of automation projects for enterprises across the globe.”

To maximize benefits from automation, companies often require a unified and versatile UI and API-based automation approach. UiPath today offers industry-leading UI automation capabilities as well as API-based native integrations with various cloud and on-premises applications including ERP and CRM. This acquisition accelerates UiPath’s ability to offer comprehensive API-based automation to its customers including:

  • Acceleration: Cloud Elements brings more than 200 new native integrations to UiPath, and enables new capabilities such as the ability to trigger an automation based on the occurrence of an event. Furthermore, a broad and normalized approach to integrations helps customers develop automation more rapidly, further increasing the already strong time-to-value proposition UiPath brings to enterprises.
  • Flexibility: UiPath customers have flexibility to automate processes using an optimal mix of UI and API-based automation. Cloud Elements makes native integrations available platform-wide, accessible at every stage of the automation lifecycle, and enable all users – from IT professionals to RPA developers to citizen developers – to leverage the extensive library.
  • Governance: Cloud Elements capabilities broaden enterprise governance for API based automations, ensuring standard practices around API use can be implemented and enforced.

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