UiPath 2021.2 Monthly Update

New! UiPath Task mining now available in public preview

UiPath has added a major new pillar that supercharges automation discovery: UiPath Task Mining. They also have a new Automation Cloud™ migration tool. Let’s dive in!

Task Mining available in Public Preview for Insiders

We are excited to announce that UiPath Task Mining is now in Public Preview. Task Mining captures employees’ day-to-day desktop activities and applies artificial intelligence (AI) to identify repetitive tasks that have high potential for automation, which enables more efficient and productive work.

Using advanced machine learning, Task Mining teases out frequent tasks and patterns to build a high-value automation pipeline. Get the benefits of full integration with the end-to-end UiPath Platform, including one-click exports to PDD files or into UiPath Studio for speedy bot building.

Migrating to Automation Cloud™ for enterprise just got a lot easier

The new Automation Cloud™ migration tool for enterprise customers is now in preview. The tool makes it faster and easier to migrate an on-premises Orchestrator tenant to the Automation Cloud (enterprise or enterprise trial) by reading all the key entities from the on-premises tenant and recreating them in the selected cloud tenant. It does this by using our standard APIs and without requiring the on-premises Orchestrator to be taken offline or put into maintenance mode. This means no downtime in the live on-premises environment during the transfer process.

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