Top causes of RPA failures and how to avoid them

Here are top failures enterprises run into when launching RPA programs and tips on how best to avoid them.

1. Governance

When an organization points to an inability to deliver sufficient ROI, it’s because it did not invest in appropriate management and oversight for the program.

2. Choice of automation candidate

In the enthusiasm to drive automation in the enterprise, many managers don’t evaluate the benefits against the true TCO. “Just because you can automate something doesn’t mean you should,”

3. Management challenges

Much like a new employee, the automation will encounter scenarios in its early days in production that it did not see in the training.

4. Scaling challenges

Bots are a great stopgap measure for many scenarios that involve copying data from one application or system to another, but they can face scaling challenges compared to direct API integrations.

5. Third-party problems

Felker also found complications in RPA being used to retrieve data from third parties because third-party interfaces aren’t uniform.

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