NICE is an Israeli enterprise software company – one of the largest technology organizations in Israel. It started its RPA journey with the acquisition of Eglue in 2010. Nice is a big software provider with a market cap of $12.7 B and revenues of $1.6B (Aug 2020).

NICE started as workflow automation business for Contact centers. It continues to be strong in that space with a chat-based automation. NICE is known for its strength in attended RPA capabilities and has unattended RPA capabilities and a citizen-developer-friendly UX.

The RPA product also includes some Conversational AI capabilities of their NICE Employee Virtual Attendant (NEVA) like process/task discovery and predictive analytics. NEVA is a separate product that comes with additional built-in capabilities like real-time speech guidance, NLP-based text analytics and unsupervised ML.

NICE has operations in 150 countries, with a big presence in EMEA focused on large-enterprise customers


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