This one skill will make you better at any job (and may help you land a new one)

Here’s why automation can help you land a job—and how you can get started learning.

Automation makes you better at every job

Automation is all about building systems that handle the busywork for you. One advantage of this is obvious: You don’t need to spend time worrying about these tasks. Another, less clear advantage, is freeing up space every day to focus on the kinds of tasks humans excel at, such as building relationships, brainstorming creative ideas, and synthesizing information.

It’s easier to learn automation than you think

You might think learning to automate means learning to code—and once upon a time, you’d be right. Not anymore, thanks to the rise of no-code. A wide variety of apps makes it easy to automate tasks that otherwise would have to happen manually.

Pitch yourself as an automator

Once you feel confident, add automation to your résumé, then be ready to explain what that means if anyone asks during an interview. Talk about things you’ve set up yourself, how they might be helpful in the role you intend to take, and maybe brainstorm a few automations that could help companies you’re applying to.

For example, if you work in real estate, you’d talk about how you set up an automation that sent all your Facebook ad leads into your CRM.

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