This company saved two man-years of Recruitment effort using RPA

For engineering services firm QuEST Global which has over 11,000 employees across the globe, people are its biggest asset. But given the scale of work and competitive landscape in the IT services sector, deploying bots turns out to be the best way to supplement the workforce.

QuEST already has over 40 RPA bots operational today, which automate many routine tasks for HR and Finance functions. The RPAs range from automation of lengthy processes such as recruitment and background checks while others deal with complicated inter-company billing scenarios.

The recruitment RPAs, coupled with AI tools, have saved two man-years of effort for the recruitment team by matching resumes to jobs efficiently, according to Sumeet Arora, Global Head – IT, QuEST Global. In addition, the background check RPA has already saved 250+ man-hours for the HR department within six months of going live.

“ML has also modernized our recruitment process by matching the potential resume to JDs. This has been helping the recruiters, and the hiring manager speeds up the hiring process and responds to customer needs effectively and efficiently,” said Arora.

Apart from that, QuEST Global’s internal chatbot- Athena, has already answered over 1,00,000 routine queries from the company’s employees and has a success rate of over 85%.

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