These are the top 10 job skills of tomorrow – and how long it takes to learn them

New survey says these are the top 10 job skills you would need for tomorrow

  • 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as adoption of technology increases, according the the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years.
  • Newly emerging this year are skills in self-management such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.
  • Respondents to the Future of Jobs Survey estimate that around 40% of workers will require reskilling of six months or less.

The Forum estimates that by 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the division of labor between humans and machines.

But even more jobs – 97 million – may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms.

This year, data from LinkedIn and online learning platform Coursera has allowed the Forum to track with unprecedented granularity the types of specialized skills are needed for the jobs of tomorrow, which are in demand across multiple emerging professions.

Among these ‘cross-cutting’ skills are specialized skills in product marketing, digital marketing and human computer interaction.

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