Sora raises $5.3M to power its HR automation service

Sora’s service allows non-developers to create workflows for HR.

The Sora workflows can be built from templates, and employ triggers to fire off various processes (sending emails, pulling in data from other apps and services, that sort of thing), allowing non-engineers to create visual logic flows.

The Sora system is “like a no-code workflow builder,” Del Beccaro said in an interview, allowing users to “add tasks where you have to tell someone to do something, and automate the follow-up. That’s actually one of our biggest pain point relievers. A lot of HR teams right now are manually tracking people down: Did you set up this laptop yet? Did you set up this new hire launch for these three people?”

The Sora workflow system is slick in practice, allowing, for example, customization around a single employee. Del Beccaro explained that her startup’s software can do things like ask a manager who a new hire’s work-buddy might be, and then send that person an email later saying that the hire has arrived.

Sora has raised $5.3 million in capital to date, a funding total that includes a pre-seed round from September, 2018. First Round and Elad Gil led its most recent round, which makes up a majority of its capital raised thus far.

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