Software AG and Automation Anywhere Collaborate to Improve Automation Processes

You can now add Software AG Process mining with Automation Anywhere

Software AG has entered into a collaboration agreement with Automation Anywhere, which to make scalable automation achievable for more businesses.

Software AG’s ARIS platform will bookend Automation Anywhere RPA with process mining and process management, helping to improve the discovery of automation opportunities and then management of automated processes.

Automation begins with process mining, to identify processes that require automation. ARIS process mining helps reduce bottlenecks, such as lots of activity landing in one inbox, as well activities that are unnecessarily resource-intensive, for instance where humans might need to review lengthy documents for basic information. Too many projects miss this step and automate processes unnecessarily.

Task mining tools such as—Discovery Bot from Automation Anywhere—then 11analyze how employees interact with these processes to learn how best to automate them. Once the robotic automation has been designed and rolled out, ARIS process management helps to monitor how effective those robots are. This helps make sure that the new “robotic workers” are up to date with the right “skills.”

“If RPA is effectively a member of the workforce, ARIS is the HR department to look after them. It’s important that businesses have the visibility to not only spot good opportunities to automate manual processes, but that they can optimize and develop their robotic processes too,” said Marc Vietor, head of business transformation at Software AG.

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