Skan raises $14 million to automate repetitive business processes with computer vision

Skan AI raises $14 million for process discovery. How competitive will they be?, an AI-enabled process discovery and operational intelligence platform, today closed $14 million in funding. The company says the proceeds will be put toward accelerating Skan’s go-to-market and product R&D efforts.

Skan, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Avinash Misra and Manish Garg, combines data engineering with computer vision to synthesize traces of human and screen interactions, uncovering how workloads (e.g., underwriting, sales, customer onboarding, servicing, claims, invoicing, and fulfillment) are performed in an organization. The platform maps processes by observation on digital systems and continuously infers deep process maps.

In production, Skan, which works in the cloud or on-premises and doesn’t require access to backend data, places virtual process agents on desktops and captures digital interactions with Citrix terminals, Excel spreadsheets, browsers, notepads, and more using computer vision. The data are analyzed and synthesized to derive a process metamodel. Via this approach, Skan uncovers process permutations to build a picture from the ground up and generates a definition document, which can help automation engineers plan and build bots fit for purpose.

Skan also creates “digital twins” of end-to-end value streams, or models tailored for data-driven process analyses. To ensure the integrity of these models, Skan says it keeps business data behind enterprise firewalls and anonymizes worker information, as well as “pixel-level” data redaction and masking techniques. In addition, the platform can anonymize worker data.

It’s an open question whether the Skan platform’s features are differentiating enough to stand out in a crowded field. FortressIQ, an RPA startup that similarly leverages AI to learn business tasks, recently raised $12 million. FortressIQ and Skan compete with Automation Hero, another well-funded RPA company that recently expanded its focus beyond the sales domain. That’s not to mention Kryon and Blue Prism, or behemoths in the RPA space like UiPath (which is valued at over $1.2 billion) and Automation Anywhere (valued at over $6.8 billion).

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