September 2021

UiPath’s New Focus Is Deeper Enterprise Integration With UI and API

UiPath’s focus with the new release is to offer combined UI and API automation capabilities.

The 2010.10 release includes a brand-new Integrations service that brings managed integration with a catalog of Connectors to UiPath Automation Cloud.

This is in line with the API/Integration focus from most top vendors in the Automation space. Some recent activities demonstrating the trend:

So it is not a surprise that UiPath is sharpening its integration and API capabilities. As per UiPath “Developers can now use APIs just like they employ UI automation—simply and easily from within UiPath Studio. They can quickly build automation requiring both API and UI automation, as processes often intersect with both types in modern and legacy technologies.”

The Integration Service is expected to launch on Oct. 25 with over 70 pre-built connectors for API automation to the most popular apps.

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