SAP ECC Bot Store Content for Intelligent RPA

SAP ECC Bot Store is adding more new pre-built RPA bots that you can use

With 77% of all worldwide business transactions touching an SAP system, SAP is known to be the process backbone of the world. So, during these days of unprecedented change, where the enterprises around the globe strive for higher efficiencies via automation, it is our endeavor to put business users in front and center to lead this change by embracing technologies like the intelligent RPA.

So, the obvious question is, how to enable the business user or the knowledge worker who understands the domain, the processes and the best practices to quickly create business automation that are relevant. We believe that the answer lies in SAP’s unique positioning both as the central process hub and as the leading industry-best-practice repository.

For a business user, the ultimate simplification in authoring an automation is to ‘assemble’ it…. assemble it from existing best practice content that’s available as pre-built, configurable templates.

This is the exact reason why we are on a journey to publish more and more of SAP industry best practices as pre-built template bots in SAP Intelligent RPA store.

We have already published the first set of automation for SAP ECC in SAP Intelligent RPA Store. Read in the link below the clusters of bots available and their use-cases.

Read more here: SAP ECC Bot Store Content for Intelligent RPA

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