RPA and MuleSoft: Better together

Mulesoft is partnering with Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism.

It is now easy to configure an RPA bot to work seamlessly with a Mule flow, following the steps outlined in the videos below.

There are situations where an API-led approach could collaborate with RPA as a mechanism to broaden the scope of endpoints and help with the vision of an application network. Sometimes, RPA could be seen as another technique to automate business processes when an API-led effort is not yet possible, such as:

  • The system we are trying to connect does not have an API. These are typically legacy applications (more prevalent in on-premise footprints).
  • The system we are trying to connect is heavily customized. In this case, the target system has been customized to a point where existing APIs are not covering the customizations done to the application’s user interface. The only way to access these extensions is via the UI elements.
  • The investment to create a new API is unknown. In this case, we could use RPA as a temporary instrumentation technique to assess the investment in it.
  • There are different teams managing automation versus integration. The team that owns APIs and integration is different than the team that is trying to automate business processes.

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