How Is RPA Functioning At The Center Of The Hyper Automation Wave?

Rise of automation creates new RPA job descriptions

RPA developer

This will be the workforce tasked with creating, designing, developing, and implementing RPA and hyperautomation tools. RPA developers are required to investigate, analyze and set up processes that can be automated to maximize efficiency for organizations’ business models. This role works across the business and its function to ensure that hyperautomation technology investments are working to drive business value.

Automation engineers

Automation engineers by nature need to have a broad set of capabilities in order to support a mix of no-code platforms, API integrations and traditional coding practices to build fully functional offerings for clients.

Automation engineers will also need to have skills beyond traditional roles for engaging with their business partners and being able to distill business needs into rapidly executed automation offerings.

Bot master

A new kind of role to orchestrate the training, monitoring and assessment of this new generation of bots. “Humans will have a specific role in mentoring the machines and getting in the middle of the feedback loop,” he said. The bot masters will require a blend of technical and soft skills to get feedback from and guide UX experts, business subject matter experts, front-line employees and developers.

Digital HR

Related to this, Le Clair also expects to see a digital equivalent of HR that could be called something along the lines of “bot resource management.” This person will help to manage the digital worker in the same way as a human worker. One idea is that each bot would be given a hire date, a manager and a termination date. It may also be wise to separate the development and management responsibilities. Some companies may not want the same person that develops a bot to do the reporting on bot behavior.

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