Oracle Forms New Cloud and AI Organization

Oracle Forms New Cloud and AI Organization

Oracle has formed a new organization, focused on the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) and helmed by executive VP Don Johnson.

According to Business Insider, Oracle is tapping Don Johnson, the former Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) boss to run the new organization, called Oracle Cloud Platform & AI Services. Johnson was once considered a top contender for the co-CEO job, making his appointment to the new role an indication of its importance.

“It’s important to note: this is an extension of OCI, not a division of it,” said an email announcing the change that was seen by Business Insider. “Together we’ll operate this as a unified OCI team, with a common all-hands, product roadmap, the usual meetings and processes, etc. One big tent and a common culture.”

The email also emphasized how much the company is betting on the cloud moving forward.

“Oracle is now fundamentally a cloud company, with a clear and simple vision: a marriage of the best cloud infrastructure, and leading data platform, together with the most pervasive cloud applications,” the email continued.

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