New WinAutomation action in UI flows is now available

Microsoft announced the availability of the very first WinAutomation connector (preview) inside UI flows.

This is one step forward to bring Softmotive’s desktop automation together with the existing Microsoft Power Automate capabilities.

This new connector will allow you to:

  1. Execute a WinAutomation Process through Power Automate
  2. Pass in dynamic values from other Power Automation API actions that run in the cloud
  3. View run results from the cloud portal, etc.
  4. Leverage existing UI flows Gateway connections
  5. Leverage the existing experience of running UI flows in both attended and unattended modes.

As next steps, they are working on bringing more improvements and a deeper and more seamlessly integration experience. Those will include, but not limit to, storing WinAutomation Process scripts to the cloud, a better setup experience, accessibility as well as localization supports etc.

Read more here: New WinAutomation action in UI flows is now available

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