New Research Shows 1 in 3 Companies Use RPA

The report, Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Trends in RPA Adoption, Uses and Implementation Challenges, reveals that despite job loss concerns, 35 percent of respondents indicated that their organizations currently use RPA, and 59 percent believe that their organizations will start implementing RPA within the next five years. Respondents acknowledged that RPA adoption can offer a variety of benefits, including these top three:

  1. Streamlining of internal business processes (70%)
  2. Reduction in errors (58%)
  3. Reduction in staffing costs (55%)

Overall, an increase in RPA adoption is expected across multiple industries, with 64 percent of respondents predicting that RPA will be implemented on a broad basis in their industry within the next five years. They highlight financial/banking (67%), manufacturing/engineering (41%) and insurance (39%) as the three top industries that will adopt RPA.

Read more here: New ISACA Research Shows 1 in 3 Companies Use Robotic Process Automation

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