'More complex by the day': Leaders turn to automation to sustain IT efficiency

IT Leaders turn to automation to sustain efficiency

  • Automating part of IT teams’ workflow will help leaders sustain the effectiveness of their work even as tech spend budgets dwindle, said 72% of decision makers in a report from software company LogicMonitor. The report surveyed 500 global IT executives.
  • Among leaders who say there is a “great deal” of automation within the IT team, half are confident in the organization’s ability to overcome an unanticipated crisis.
  • In the aftermath of a global shift to remote work, 80% of IT leaders say the infrastructure they manage is getting “more complex by the day,” and 94% of IT leaders expect IT automation to become a focus over the next three years.

Half of business leaders say their companies are gearing up to introduce automation to the traditional IT helpdesk, according to a study by Inference Solutions. Despite uncertain economic forecasts and pressures on leaders to cut costs, two-thirds of IT decision makers say automation budgets are set to grow.

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