Introducing the Industry’s first Robot-Powered Low-Code App Platform

New UiPath Low-Code App Platform to power your automations with bot-human collaboration

Let’s explore a couple of key concepts to show you how UiPath Apps marries low code and the power of automation to make you more productive.

UiPath Apps includes a low-code app builder called App Studio. It lets you build visually appealing professional apps quickly using only a web browser through a rich library of drag and drop controls. You can see a few examples in the app above including a date picker. With the designer you can create simple experiences such as a single form or advanced apps that include multiple screens and tailored business flows. There is almost no limit to the sophistication of experience you can easily create in App Studio.

Typically, low-code solutions connect to APIs and transactional data sources to power their apps. UiPath Apps takes it one step further by harnessing the power of RPA which means it supports APIs but also allows you to work with existing applications and data that are not easily programmable. For example, legacy applications without an API, VDI environments or data co-mingled with web experiences can be first class citizens in your apps. As you create your app instead of connecting forms and controls directly to APIs and data, you connect them to automations.

An app can be connected to a single automation or to as many automations as you like. An app can be connected to attended automations running on a user’s machine, unattended automations running on a server, or both. You can effectively use your automations as simple self-contained building blocks in a larger process delivered as an app. App Studio provides a single click experience for deployment and sharing of applications in development as well as with business users making it easy to distribute or redistribute.

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