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How to grow into the Chief Automation Officer (CAO) role

There are a handful of chief automation officers (CAOs) out there.

CAO is a fairly new title, and so definitions are hard to come by. Ultimately, the CAO has full accountability and mandate for the automation strategy, automation operating model, governance framework, and benefits realization in applying hyperautomation capabilities to business process improvement across the enterprise. And as a result, unlocking maximum value from within the workforce.

Achieving those goals starts with a CAO showing a clear connection to corporate objectives by understanding exactly how the business wins, and what operational capabilities are needed that are not currently there. Then, the CAO should map how automation will help address those areas. The output is the automation strategy, which also acts as an agreement with the business on where to place focus and where not to focus. There also needs be internal alignment regarding where investment will go and where it won’t. It’s the ticket to the game of becoming a CAO – coupled with universal core skills for senior leadership such as robust communication at all levels, change management aptitude, and people development.

It’s hard to think of many other roles that can truly and tangibly help connect the dots between strategy and execution in a company.

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