How RPA and digital process automation can be used to improve customer experience

Provide outstanding customer experience with RPA and DPA

Organizations need to be able to make personalized decisions in a split second to meet modern customer expectations. Keeping customer interactions current, relevant, and convenient no matter what happens next doesn’t have to be complicated. The right technology is available to automate and perfect operational excellence. First, CIOs and CTOs need to prep their systems to make it possible.

Improve overall satisfaction with automation

When applied strategically to customer service processes, RPA bots can ensure that relevant information is always available, no matter what channel the interaction took place on. By automatically moving data from one source to another, RPA connects the full journey, bridging gaps between systems and data integration, and eradicating some of the barriers preventing them from serving customers most effectively.

For example, RPA case management helps speed up processes and reduces the amount of manual work required from agents such as copying and pasting information across systems, which can also reduce the risk of costly errors while speeding up the service. This enables agents to move more quickly through any interaction, resulting in faster, more accurate resolutions as well as shorter wait times for everyone.

Enable customer success across all channels

Truly channel-less interactions powered by RPA and digital process automation take it one step further by enabling customers to move freely, back and forth, from one touchpoint to another with the context of their interactions fully intact. By automatically moving and updating information across channels businesses will always have the full customer story, not just the fragmented data collected from siloed telephone, email and app interactions. That way, customers will get the best outcome for them regardless of the method they choose to contact your business.

Enhance customer experience with AI

AI connects all the important information regarding the customer’s preferences, historical behavior, recent interactions, sentiment, and even intent into one place and then decides what to do next. AI-enabled bots can automatically open each email, SMS, or chat conversation and apply natural language processing (NLP) to decode the customer’s needs and the urgency of the request from each interaction. In doing so, it instantly routes requests to the right place and decides what to do next for the best result.

Organisations which demonstrate the greatest level of adaptability through agile platforms garner the most success during these periods of flux. Furthermore, businesses don’t have to put up with poor technology and improper processes. RPA and digital process automation technologies can ease the burden of the customer service agent and achieve superior results in a fraction of the time.

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