AI and ML is changing HR in a big way

AI brings yet another monumental shift in workforce management. From pre-screening resumes to removing bias from job advertisements, predicting future hiring needs to enhancing employee engagement, artificial intelligence is poised to be truly transformational.

ML can help you find the best talent

Writing effective job advertisements is time-consuming, as is distributing them across multiple channels.

Textio, an innovative augmented writing platform, optimizes the language and removes bias from job advertisements, ensuring maximum traction among people from all backgrounds.

AI-powered VMS technology helps predict future hiring needs

VMS technologies assist in talent acquisition, services, and contingent workforce management processes.

AI-backed VMS technologies are efficient with a high-volume talent need. Naturally, larger quantities of data produce better actionable insights.

The takeaway: AI will drive huge growth in the future job market

By 2022, the World Economic Forum predicts that AI will globally create 133 million new roles. With the AI-powered workforce management technologies in place, you can predict when they’ll be needed in your organization and ensure you find the best talent on the market.

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