EY announces an alliance with UiPath to help businesses drive hyperautomation

New EY-UiPath alliance to enable customers to scale automation

The UiPath hyperautomation platform, and EY teams’ IA methodology with reusable assets and accelerators, can help businesses achieve consistent and successful delivery of IA at the pace of hyperautomation. In addition, the alliance will assist organizations to implement hyperautomation at scale across complex global processes to achieve greater levels of business transformation.

Specifically, the EY-UiPath Alliance encompasses IA strategy, automation operating model development, opportunity discovery, IA technology design and development, and postproduction IA managed services. Leveraging these capabilities, businesses can effectively adopt RPA and other IA platforms that help drive significant return on investment, mitigate risk and improve resiliency, while also improving customer and employee satisfaction.

The EY Transformation Realized framework, an EY approach to help companies enhance their ability to adapt and drive value, brings tangible benefits to clients by placing humans at the center and providing technology at speed to scale innovation. As a leading provider of broad intelligent automation (IA) consulting services, EY teams provide industry-leading IA strategy and implementation support services across the globe with robust sector and process knowledge, to help clients generate long-term value. Together, with UiPath’s market-leading hyperautomation platform, EY teams will help businesses create an effective digital workforce using automation to not only do things differently – better, faster and cheaper, but also to do different things – allowing organizations to accomplish new tasks not previously possible without automation.

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