Dynatrace Cloud Automation Module provides observability-driven automation across the full lifecycle

New Dynatrace Cloud Automation provides automation across IT lifecycle

Dynatrace Cloud Automation Module uniquely combines automatic and intelligent observability with an enterprise-grade control plane to automate delivery and operations. The module helps organizations automate the entire software development lifecycle and orchestration process for faster innovation and less risk. It includes AI-powered quality checks against an organization’s service level objectives (SLOs) and automatic incident remediation. Extended by open-source components, it provides an enterprise-grade and scalable solution, increasing our openness and interoperability for the broader DevOps ecosystem.

Software companies who have already been following and adopting DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) practices alongside their shared ancestry in agile concepts came out on top – especially if they adopted those practices across the whole organization and customer value stream. Today, the speed of software development has become a key business differentiator, but collaboration, continuous improvement, and automation are even more critical to providing unprecedented customer value.

Critical success factors – velocity, resilience, and scalability

To sustain market leadership in this new normal, organizations must pay attention to key success factors, including:

  • Velocity: Fast time to market and short release cycles, without an impact on quality.
  • Resilience: Critical production business systems must not fail.
  • Scale: Distributed teams managing a myriad of applications built on heterogeneous technology stacks across the globe need autonomy and closer collaboration.

These success factors bring challenges across the software development life cycle.

To overcome these obstacles, it is crucial to implement a customer-focused, product-centric value stream. This requires observability across the whole software development lifecycle embedded with automation that allows safe and risk-free delivery. To cut through the noise of observability on such a scale, AI is a prerequisite. Broad-scale observability focused on using AI safely drives shorter release cycles, faster delivery, efficiency at scale, tighter collaboration, and higher service levels, resulting in seamless customer experiences.

Dynatrace launches Cloud Automation module for development, DevOps & SRE teams

Dynatrace Cloud Automation leverages the AI and automation capabilities of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform to enhance development, DevOps, and SRE teams’ processes with:

  • Automated SLO validation and quality gates, to ensure high-quality code moves smoothly through the delivery pipeline and does not violate error budgets in production.
  • Automated, closed-loop remediation of releases that fail in production, combining AI-powered root-cause analysis to pinpoint issues with the code, and orchestration by Keptn, to automatically execute remediation runbooks without manual intervention.
  • Automated release inventory and version comparison, which allows teams to easily evaluate the performance of individual release versions, and as needed, roll back to a previous version.

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