Deloitte: State of AI in the Enterprise 2020

Where do you stack up against your competitors when it comes to your AI initiative? Deloitte has released its 2020 State of AI in the Enterprise report.

The most recent State of AI in the Enterprise report from Deloitte surveyed 2,737 IT and line-of-business executives between October and December 2019 and found that virtually all adopters are using AI to improve efficiency. Mature adopters are also using the technology to boost differentiation.

The survey also found that AI adopters tended to buy more technology than they were building, and they viewed having the best AI technology as the key to competitive advantage.

Deloitte asked enterprises to identify their top AI initiatives to increase competitive advantage.

Modernizing the data infrastructure for AI came first with 20%, followed by gaining access to the newest and best AI technologies at 19%. Other top choices included utilizing cloud-based AI services and capabilities (17%), deploying data science and AI development platforms (16%), and developing partnerships that will help execute AI initiatives faster (14%).

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