FI$Cal Saving Time, Money with AI, Robotics

The following commentary first appeared last week in the monthly update published by the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal), the state’s accounting, budget, and business portal.

We are just getting into the deployment of RPA in a number of important tasks. RPA automates many of the more mundane, repetitive tasks that workers perform. The software, or robots, respond to data and communicate with other systems to perform a wide variety of tasks. They do it with 100 percent accuracy and can run 24/7. The robots do the tedious work, saving the more interesting and creative jobs for people.

At FI$Cal, we have used RPA in a number of key areas. Not long ago, Covered California and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) needed to add thousands of vendors to their systems. This is a very time-consuming process that would have taken months under the traditional method of adding each vendor individually. We deployed RPA to make these requests in big batches. The robots made the request, and our vendor management group created a special queue where all the robot-generated requests went.

In the case of Covered California, we used two robots to add more than 10,500 vendors. A task that would have taken months took 18 days.

Another RPA use we developed helped with a new State Controller’s Office functionality release that changed how deposits were entered into the system. This forced a couple of departments to re-enter hundreds of deposits. Using RPA reduced the end-to-end process of reversing and remitting a deposit to 4 minutes from a minimum of 30 minutes before.

It’s easy to see how the proper deployment of RPA can save hundreds or even thousands of hours for departments. It cannot be used for everything, however, and we realize that not all departments even need it. We are sensitive to the needs of our departments and are always working to avoid any disruption to their processes.

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