California’s DMV Modernizes with End-to-End Workflow Automation

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is moving forward with its technology modernization efforts to create a digital DMV experience.

California DMA is automating processes so that nearly all transactions can be accomplished digitally and through other channels, without visiting a DMV office. It’s highly relevant amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to restrict people from congregating or touching paper forms to limit exposure while urging people to do more online from home.

Among the various processes that are completely manual and paper-based at the DMV is applying for and/or renewing Motor Carrier Permits. These permits are needed for drivers who transport property, operate large commercial vehicles, transport hazardous materials or operate vehicles requiring commercial driver license. Previously, there was no digital way for constituents to interact with the DMV for this service.

People had to go to the DMV website, download and fill the form, then mail it back DMV with a check for payment or go to the DMV in person. DMV headquarters mailroom would process the incoming mail, sort the contents, reject incomplete forms (about 1/3rd of the submissions were rejected due to data quality issues from incomplete/invalid content) and manually key in the information into a back-end system (a task that averages nearly twenty minutes for each form, not including the time the person took to fill out and go to the DMV office or to mail the form). Processing was slow, and the experience for constituents was sluggish and disconnected with re-submission needed in many cases and phone calls to the customers in other cases.

The DMV decided to go with a digital solution that delivered important advancements: (1) Transforming paper workflow into digital; (2) Creating an online presence for a self-service experience while improving submission quality; and (3) Faster and efficient application processing by automated back office data entry. To accomplish this goal, the DMV selected the SimpliGov cloud-based online forms platform and UiPath based intelligent automation.

Ultimately, the move to workflow automation and online forms, as part of modernization efforts and digital transformation, advances the reputation of the DMV as a customer service-focused organization. The California DMV is the first DMV in the United States to make this leap forward, essentially shifting gears and setting a new pace at the speed of digital.

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