How to Get Automation Right

RPA and API – Which one is better for your automation?

RPA and API can be poised as solution options for the same business issues and are already crossing over into each other’s territory. Various parameters such as time and cost efficiency need to be evaluated to make the right choice between the two. Businesses should work out a middle path to arrive at a conclusion that makes operations more efficient. When it comes to choosing the right automation solution, there is no right answer. The decision lies solely on considering which solution best fits the problem faced.

RPA and API are automating major processes across various industries. The lines are blurring.

RPA has certain limitations which API can help overcome. RPA is generally harder to maintain. They don’t have the flexibility to adapt. Thus, RPA requires more maintenance and is costly. API incorporates a well-defined software-to-software interface. Therefore, applications can interact with each other autonomously and can cope with huge chunks of data compared to RPA. We can think of APIs as just an advanced version of RPA. They bring the same automation functionality as RPA while being fast and cost-efficient.

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