Blue Prism launches venture fund to expand global use of cloud RPA

Creative new Blue Prism venture fund to accelerate the use of cloud RPA

Last April, robotic process automation firm Blue Prism bolstered its own balance sheet with a $124 million financing round, enabling the maker of enterprise-class software robots to expand its suite of AI agents and dashboards. Now the company is launching a venture fund to bring RPA technologies to new clients, starting with the Asia-Pacific region before expanding to “the entire globe.”

Blue Prism Ventures is designed to give companies with little or no RPA experience the strategic and technical wherewithal to deploy AI software agents, beginning with the development of intelligent automation business plans, then the Blue Prism tools necessary to execute those plans. The firm’s first venture is Blue Vision Korea, a partnership between Blue Vision and tech firm GTPlus, which will give South Korean customers access to three key elements: a drag-and-drop Design Studio to create custom software process automation, a Digital Workforce of software robots that use AI to learn and imitate business processes, and a Control Room to assign and oversee software agent automation.

The launch of Blue Prism Ventures is significant for technical decision-makers because it demonstrates how deeply software robotic process automation firms are willing to work with potential clients to win business this year, thereby accelerating the AI technology’s spread across the world. While RPA can clearly enhance business efficiency, removing the need for humans to perform rote app tasks — or leveraging armies of AI agents to process data in ways individual human operators couldn’t imagine — it’s increasingly obvious that many legacy companies require either hand-holding or incentives to begin the transformative journey. Venture-level support will likely reduce initial onboarding friction and ultimately yield upside for both clients and Blue Prism.

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